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Android Apps Heading to BlackBerry World, Reports Says

by Jacob Kleinman | January 14, 2014January 14, 2014 10:00 pm PST

BlackBerry Z30-Apps

Starting with BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry owners have been able to sideload Android apps onto their smartphones—though the process can be complicated. With the latest software update to BlackBerry 10.3, however, the company may actually offer direct access to Android apps through a new section of its BlackBerry World app store.

BlackBerry has been quietly asking developers to upload their Android apps directly to the new marketplace without any alterations, according to a report from Good e-Reader, citing “at least four” game developers who’ve been approached by the Canadian company.

Easy access to Android apps will be a huge improvement for BlackBerry, at least in terms of the number of applications available for its mobile platform, but we don’t necessarily think it will be a large enough incentive to attract consumers back — many of which left long ago for iOS and Android. In other words, BlackBerry’s problems run much deeper than its app situation.

Still, if Good e-Reader is right, BlackBerry 10.3 could offer more apps for anyone still holding onto a BlackBerry smartphone, and the added Android support might even keep some customers from jumping ship to Android or iOS.

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