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Target Hack Worse Than Expected, Neiman Marcus and Others Hit, Too

by Todd Haselton | January 13, 2014January 13, 2014 9:00 pm PST


Target wasn’t the only major retailer hit by hackers during the holiday season. Neiman Marcus has now revealed that it, too, was attacked by hackers, though didn’t disclose how big the hit was.

According to Reuters, both retailers were reluctant to reveal any sort of attack, but Brian Krebs from Krebs on Security was already on to the scent of the attacks. Meanwhile, Reuters said it has learned that other retailers were attacked during the holiday season.

Reuters declined to name the firms but said that the attacks were likely similar to those on Neiman Marcus and Target and that the firms all have retail outlets inside malls. Target’s attackers originated from Eastern Europe and stole more than 70 million credit card numbers – more than originally thought – though it’s unclear if the same folks were responsible for the new breaches.

Like Target and Neiman Marcus, it’s possible the unnamed retailers who were also attacked are keeping mum so that customers aren’t aware of the extent of the attacks. Legally, Reuters said, they have to publicly acknowledge a breach occurred if personal data was stolen.


Todd Haselton

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