Motorola Updates Assist App, Lets Users Reply to SMS Hands-Free

by Brandon Russell | January 13, 2014


Motorola on Monday announced a neat little update to its Assist app—introduced on the Moto X—giving users the ability to reply back to text messages hands-free. Before, the app would simply read SMS messages aloud, never giving users the opportunity to actually reply without picking the device up—that essentially negated driving mode’s hands-free approach. But the latest update will let folks reply to incoming SMS messages using just their voice; there’s also improved driving detection, the ability to automatically launch your favorite music app while driving and various other bug fixes.

Motorola Assist’s driving mode is only supported on Motorola’s flagship handsets, including the Moto X, Droid Ultra, Mini and Maxx, so this update will only be appreciated by owners of those devices. The app does, however, offer features for those not using a Motorola handset, including a Meeting mode and Sleeping mode, allowing users to tell the device when they shouldn’t be bothered. While there are alternatives out there, Assist is one of the smartest ways to keep the incessant chatter of notifications from bombarding you throughout the day—and now you can reply hands-free while driving.



Brandon Russell

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