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Facebook Buys Branch Media For “Around” $15M, Report Says

by Todd Haselton | January 13, 2014January 13, 2014 10:00 pm PST


Facebook recently acquired Branch Media, according to a post by Branch CEO Josh Miller Moday. Branch Media is based in New York City and owns two software services, including one under the same name and another called Potluck. Branch Media is backed by Betaworks, SV Angel, Jonah Peretti, Lerer Ventures, Obvious Corp., Biz Stone and Evan Williams.

Branch allows anyone, including brands, to create conversations online. A company like Hyatt, one of its users, can hold conversations with its customers to get feedback on consumer experiences and generate a community around a brand that might otherwise be limited on a service such as Twitter. It’s also great for anyone who simply wants to create a conversation around a link they share. Meanwhile, Potluck is an iOS application that lets people come together to chat about specific news stories.

The news was originally reported by¬†The Verge, which said it learned that Branch sold to Facebook for “around” $15 million. The social network has yet to confirm that figure, though apparently Facebook told Branch it wanted the company to join the social network and build “Branch at Facebook scale.” Considering that Facebook also provides a perfect venue for brands to speak to customers, it seems like a natural fit.

The Verge

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