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Google X Staffers Allegedly Met With the FDA to Discuss New Device

by Brandon Russell | January 11, 2014January 11, 2014 1:00 pm PST


A handful of Google staffers close to the company’s Google X wing allegedly held a mysterious meeting with the Food and Drug Administration, according to Bloomberg. The report claims the search giant met with the FDA to discuss a new product, built by the same team that developed Glass, which “may involve biosensors.” Last year, reports suggested Google had invested “hundreds of millions” of dollars into a Calico project, meant to take on major illnesses and aging, though it’s unclear if the meeting regarded that.

The folks from Google that met with the FDA have allegedly had experience working on contact lenses that can monitor a wearer’s biological data, for example; the executives over at the FDA regulate eye devices and diagnostics for heart conditions, Bloomberg said. The report doesn’t nail down what the meeting focused on, but perhaps it might be for some future iteration of Glass—that’s speculation on my part—which can help users monitor their health. As recent as last October, a report claimed Google’s Calico project would focus on the genetic causes of again, and whether drugs could slow or even stop them.


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