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Best of CES 2014 Award: Toshiba Chromebook

by Todd Haselton | January 10, 2014January 10, 2014 10:30 am PST


Toshiba made a lot of announcements during the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, but the one that really caught our eye was its Chromebook. That might seem silly on the surface, since Toshiba also has some amazing laptops with UHD displays, but we’re super pumped to see a Chromebook with a 13.3-inch display.

It also feels and looks great. We spent a lot of time at the Toshiba booth using the keyboard, cruising around ChromeOS and generally getting a feel for the hardware. We love how thin and light it is — it’s definitely a Chromebook version of the MacBook Air in a lot of ways — and we feel that it’s an amazing choice for anyone who wants a low-cost laptop that’s perfect for browsing the Web and getting work done on the go. No, you’re not going to play the latest PC games on this thing, but that’s not the point.

Toss in the $279 price point and we think Toshiba has a real winner on its hands. Congratulations from the TechnoBuffalo team!

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