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Valve Expands Steam Family Access to All Users

by Eric Frederiksen | January 9, 2014January 9, 2014 6:00 am PST


We keep hearing things like, “gaming is growing up,” but in this case, PC gaming is buying a reasonable car and planning for the future.

Steam’s family options have left beta and gone live, allowing Steam users controls to limit game, community, and purchase access. Parents can mark games with undesirable content to keep them from appearing in their child’s separate account. Because yes, your 12-year-old is probably not ready for DayZ.

The official post on the Steam Community site goes in more depth, but here’s the basics:

To enable Family Options, log into the account your child will use and visit Settings, where you’ll find the option to manage “Family Options” under the Family tab (or from the Family Options button in Big Picture mode). From there, step through the wizard to select the content and features you’d like to be accessible while in a PIN-protected Family View.

As open as PCs are, this is one category where consoles had them beat hands down – family control features. This is going to be a non-issue for many gamers, but any parent willing to take an active interest in their child’s gaming is on the right path.

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