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Xbox Music on iOS Now Lets You Listen to Music Offline

by Jacob Kleinman | January 8, 2014January 8, 2014 10:00 pm PST


Microsoft updated its Xbox Music app for iOS today, finally adding the ability save songs to your phone for offline playback. The new upgrade finally brings Xbox Music for the iPhone and iPad up to speed with competing services including Spotify, Rdio and Google Play All Access Music, which have all offered offline playback at a cost for a while now.

There’s no word on when offline playback will come to the Xbox Music Android app, though it’s likely not far behind. Meanwhile, Windows Phone users have long had access to the same feature.

Xbox Music landed on iOS and Android back in September 2013, offering mobile music streaming on the condition that you already had an Xbox Music Pass. At the same time, Microsoft also launched a free web version for streaming music on your computer. The browser-based service is available as a free service for six month, after which Microsoft limits the number of hours you can use it unless you pay for a subscription.


Jacob Kleinman

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