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Supposed Next Generation iPhone Frame Leaks

by Brandon Russell | January 8, 2014January 8, 2014 12:00 pm PST

iPhone 6 frame

Now that Apple’s iPhone 5s is out, the device is quickly becoming “old news,” a stop gap until the next big iPhone release. For the last several months, reports have suggested the Cupertino company is preparing to introduce something much larger than the current 4-inch form factor, with sources claiming Apple is already testing displays between 4.5- and 5-inches—or maybe even bigger. Now photos of the supposed frame of Apple’s bigger iPhone have surfaced, showing off that the device could indeed increase in size, and decrease quite a bit in thickness. Of course, this is assuming these photos are real, which is difficult to verify given its source.

The photos were posted by CTech on Weibo—via 9to5Mac—with little information to go along with it, so it’s hard to determine if what we’re looking at is indeed the frame of Apple’s next iPhone. From what we could tell, the device is going to get impossibly thin, and also increase in length and width. The latest rumor from as early as last month claimed we’d see the iPhone 6 released in May of this year, so production could very well be underway. With Apple supposedly testing multiple screen sizes, this might not be the final frame we’ll see in future iPhones. We’re definitely taking this with a grain of salt, especially since Apple only just released two new iPhones a few months ago, but we thought we’d share it anyway.

With the Android market continually edging toward a phablet-dominated future, it appears Apple may be preparing to follow suit. In addition to a thinner and bigger frame, we imagine Apple will also redesign what the iPhone looks like—not just simply introduce a “bigger” iPhone 5/5s. Now that supposed parts are beginning to leak out, this will likely begin to kick off the deluge of component and information leaks we’ve become accustomed to.

Weibo 9to5Mac

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