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ShowStoppers at CES 2014: Robots, Phone Accessories, and more

We always love going to ShowStoppers, no matter where it’s throwing the party, and CES 2014’s soiree was no different. From smart gun safes to a robot that looked suspiciously similar to Sheldon’s “Mobile Virtual Presence Device” from The Big Bang Theory, there was a little something for everyone last night.

Also among the exhibitors? Names you’re familiar with, like Sphero, Lenovo, and 3Doodler… but also some names we’d not seen before, like Vuzix, ALKILU, and MiP. One of our favorite parts of the show last night was the variety of robots on display; they came in many different shapes and sizes, and often drew the largest crowds.

Check out our gallery of products and prototypes from ShowStoppers at CES 2014 below, and let us know which one’s you’re dying to pick up in the comments.

Ashley Esqueda

Ashley Esqueda is a sixth-generation Southern Californian, and thinks that's pretty cool. Ever since her mom bought her an NES for her third birthday...