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Evolve Announced from the Creators of Left 4 Dead

by Ron Duwell | January 8, 2014January 8, 2014 7:30 am PST

Evolve (1)

Evolve is the latest from indie studio Turtle Rock Studios, a band of merry developers who worked on Counter-Strike for eons and eons before making Left 4 Dead. Needless to say, the team has quite a bit of experience in creating online co-op and competitive first-person shooters. Game Informer features the game on its February cover and has a twelve page description of what lies within.

Evolve follows in the footsteps of Turtle Rocks’ classic games, pitting teams of players against each other in a deathmatch to the bitter end. One team of players will take the place of four alien hunters. These soldiers come packing unique items and weapons, and they are out for blood against a single player who controls the monster.

Being outnumbered is no fun, but the monster has plenty of tricks and desperation attacks to keep his foes at bay. It evolves throughout the course of the match, picking up new skills and growing in size as time goes by. Hopefully the hunters can take control soon, or they might find themselves facing a towering, unbeatable behemoth.

Evolve is built to last with variety and replay value, just like Left 4 Dead and Counter-Strike. Last time I checked, people still played those games years after the competition keeled over and died. They don’t even require annual releases to still be fun!

2K Games is backing the release, and it paid $10.9 million in the THQ auction last January for the chance to put this game out. Hopefully it will be worth every penny.

Normally, I would be a little cynical about yet another multiplayer co-op first-person shooter, but everything is lined up for this to be smash hit. Turtle Rock Studios knows the ins-and-outs of the genre better than anybody, and 2K Games is the most exciting and lenient of the AAA studios. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

Evolve will be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Be sure to read more about it in the upcoming Game Informer.


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