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AT&T to Provide Data to Audi, Tesla Connected Cars


AT&T announced on Tuesday that it has inked agreements to provide data to Tesla and Audi vehicles in the United States.

With Audi, AT&T will provide the first ever 4G LTE service in the car maker’s new A3 sedan; it will provide support for picture navigation, integration with mobile applications, access to 7,000 streaming radio stations online and social media support. Even cooler: you can add your car to your Mobile Share data plan. That means you’ll be able to keep track of the data you use in your Audi, and also pay for your car’s data plan all in the same bill you pay each month. Audi says it will add 4G LTE to all of its cars starting in 2015.

Meanwhile, with Tesla, AT&T will provide data connectivity — though the carrier didn’t specifically say LTE support right now —though, since it’s a multi-year agreement, we imagine that’s definitely on the roadmap. AT&T’s data network will provide ability to send diagnostics direct to Tesla, but will also power the in-car infotainment system for traffic, weather information, browsing the web, Internet radio and more.

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Todd Haselton

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