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Alien: Isolation Accidentally Revealed on Xbox Games Store

by Eric Frederiksen | January 7, 2014January 7, 2014 7:30 am PST


A listing for the much-leaked but not officially announced Alien: Isolation appeared on Microsoft’s Xbox Games Store last night.

Discovered by Twitter user Lifelower, the description, which we’ve included screenshots of in case the posting is removed, details a survival horror game that puts the player in the shoes of Amanda Ripley, daughter of the series’ main character, setting the game between the first and second movies.

The description explicitly mentions survival horror and references scavenging resources and improvising solutions, suggesting that the game will have some sort of crafting system available. The feature page lists Offline modes for single and cooperative play as well as online cooperative and multiplayer. The game is listed as a shooter, but it isn’t specific about what sort of shooter this is.

The game is being developed by Creative Assembly, best known for the excellent (but buggy) Total War series. It’ll be interesting to see what sort of take they have on the property and how it does in the aftermath of the unfinished mess that was Aliens: Colonial Marines.

The appearance of this on the store seems to be somewhat of a programming error; the release date is listed as January 7th, 2014. It looks like someone forgot to remove it from the queue before it could pop up in the store. Because of that, it doesn’t seem to be suggestive of any upcoming announcement and Sega has been quiet about the game so far.



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