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AT&T Announces “Sponsored Data”

by Ashley Esqueda | January 6, 2014January 6, 2014 9:56 am PST


At today’s CES 2014 AT&T Developer Conference, the carrier announced “Sponsored Data” in a move that’s an interesting concept for the wireless industry. It would work similarly to a 1-800 number, where a participating company could offer, say, an app (or a section of an app), and any data an eligible AT&T customer uses within that sponsored app would be billed directly to the company and would not affect the user’s data cap or bill.

According to AT&T, their 4G LTE subscribers will now have the ability to enjoy more content via their mobile devices, and sponsored content would not be limited or throttled in any way. This may open some intriguing doors in the industry; for example, if a retailer decided to offer sponsored data on AT&T for their entire app, more users might be more inclined to shop via that app to help decrease their data usage.

We’ll see if this strategy pays off for AT&T in the long run, and if it actually changes companies or consumer transactions. Is AT&T Sponsored Data something you’d consider switching carriers for?


Ashley Esqueda

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