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Killer Instinct Patch Makes Sabrewulf Free, Jago Now Costs Money

by Joey Davidson | January 3, 2014January 3, 2014 9:30 pm PST

Killer Instinct - Sabrewulf

Double Helix has dropped a big patch on Killer Instinct for the Xbox One. This free-to-play game will enjoy a burst of fixes, tweaks, costumes and, that’s right, a new free character.

As a free-to-play title, Killer Instinct only offers one free fighter. All other combatants and costumes require money to unlock.

Initially, the only fighter available for free was Jago. Now, with the new update, Jago has been swapped out for Sabrewulf. Sabrewulf will be playable for everyone at no cost. If you liked Jago, you can drop $4.99 to pick him up. Or, you can drop $19.99 for everyone.

The patch addresses a slew of other issues, too. If you’re really interested in what’s been tweaked or altered, you can head here to the game’s official forums to read the full patch notes. By our count, there are nearly 30 changes in the log.

If you own an Xbox One, have you been playing Killer Instinct? The fighter has sort of eluded me so far, but I’m considering checking it out. Has it been good enough to squeak a few bucks out of you yet?

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