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Bravely Default’s Demo is on the Nintendo 3DS eShop Now

by Joey Davidson | January 3, 2014January 3, 2014 5:30 pm PST

Bravely Default has been a big deal for Square Enix ever since it released in Japan all the way back in October. It’s supposedly a step on the path to classic RPG redemption for the company, and it’s a title a lot of gamers are flagging as a must have for the aging genre.

The demo released yesterday once the eShop was updated, and swaths of classic RPG fans all over North America dove in to snag it for free.

The only snag for the demo in my book is that it’s limited to 30 plays. Sure, 30 plays is way more than you need to decide whether or not you want the game, I won’t argue against that. However, this demo delivers content that can’t be found in the final product. Once the 30 plays are done for each copy, the content is gone forever.

It’s such a weird complaint, I know, but there are some who take the archiving of games and their stories very seriously.

Have you had a chance to play the Bravely Default demo yet? What do you think?

Joey Davidson

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