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AT&T Hits Back at T-Mobile, Offers $450 to Switch Networks

by Todd Haselton | January 3, 2014January 3, 2014 7:00 am PST

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AT&T is fed up with all of the bullying coming from T-Mobile CEO John Legere. Some rumors have suggested that Legere’s big UnCarrier 4.0 plan during CES this year is to cover early termination fees to switch to T-Mobile, but AT&T just beat him to the punch. On Friday, the carrier announced that it will offer $450 to T-Mobile customers who are switching carriers.

Here’s how it works. starting today, anyone who is an existing T-Mobile customer can walk into an AT&T store to switch. Usually, this requires the payment of an early termination fee (but only if you’re actually on a contract). AT&T, however, will offer a gift card worth up to $250 for your T-Mobile smartphone trade-in, and will then offer a $200 credit for each line you’re moving from T-Mobile to a new AT&T plan.

You have to sign up for an AT&T Next plan, the carrier’s installment-based early upgrade option, buy a device at full cost, or bring your own device and activate it with AT&T. AT&T might have an easier time attracting T-Mobile customers with the same incentives and an option to sign up for a regular plan, though this definitely appears to be a shot across T-Mobile’s bow. We’ll see how Legere reacts next week.


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