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More Than Half of Facebook and Instagram Users Check-In Daily, Study Shows

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A recent study from Pew Internet reveals that Facebook still dominates social media, commanding the largest and most obsessive user base even while teens are apparently fleeing the site. The survey focuses on the 73 percent of online adults who use social media, and also reveals that Facebook and Instagram boast the highest user engagement.

For Facebook, Pew found that 63 percent of users check in daily, while on Instagram 57 percent come back every day. Meanwhile, only 47 percent of Twitter users are daily visitors. The study doesn’t cover newly popular services such as Snapchat, which blur the line between messaging and social media and boast a deeply engaged user base.

Facebook also dominates when it comes to total users, with 71 percent of online adults using the site. LinkedIn came in second in the category with 22 percent followed by Pinterest (21), Twitter (18) and Instagram (17). Facebook’s strength comes from it mixed user demographic. By comparison, Pinterest is most popular among female users, while LinkedIn is frequently used by young professionals.

How Facebook will fare in 2014 in the face of rapidly growing startups and waning teen interest is unclear, but at least for now the social network is still clearly deeply embedded in modern society.

Pew Internet

Jacob Kleinman

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