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Mophie Wins $10 Million in Trademark Dispute

by Todd Haselton | January 1, 2014January 1, 2014 11:00 am PST


Mophie, the maker of popular battery cases for flagship smartphones, said Tuesday that it recently won a trademark and copyright dispute against Serve Global, and Dharmesh Shah. The lawsuit was first filed in August, 2013. The company alleged that those entities were infringing its trademarks, copyright and trade dress while selling similar products, and a jury ruled in Mophie’s favor.

“We’re very pleased with the verdict. Protecting the integrity of our brand is essential to us, and we’re prepared to respond forcefully when necessary to do so,” Mophie co-founder and COO Shawn Dougherty said. “With that, it’s equally important to us that we help protect our past, current and future consumers from low-quality products.”

It’s an important ruling, not only because another company was using the Mophie branding, but because fake third-party accessories likely don’t go through the same quality testing, and could result in dangerous situations for the end consumer, such as fires.

Dharmesh, Serve Global and SourceVista were found in violation of copying the packaging, user manual and the trademarks owned by Mophie for its Juice Pack Plus, Juice Pack, and Juice Pack Pro trademarks. As a result, the court awarded Mophie $10 million in damages.

Todd Haselton

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