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Verizon Might Offer Off-Contract Moto G for $100

by Brandon Russell | December 30, 2013December 30, 2013 3:30 pm PST

Moto G Verizon

A leaked image suggests Verizon might begin offering the Moto G for an even cheaper off-contract price, at $100 instead of the current $179 for the 8GB model. However, there’s a catch: while you won’t be chained down by a two-year agreement or anything like that, you will be confined to Verizon, which is why the price is being taken down to an even hundred. The bubble packaging clearly states users can take advantage of unlimited talk and text, and choose a data plan. Not a bad offer if you ask me, especially considering how terrific the Moto G is without being super cheap.

Nothing has been made official yet, and it’s unclear when the device will start hitting Verizon stores. Seems to me the timing would have been better before the holidays, but I digress. The news comes by way of Google+ user Josue Joseph, who provided the photo above along with some unconfirmed information. It sure looks authentic to us, so perhaps we’ll see a quiet rollout over the next week or so. If you prefer to stay away from Verizon’s bright red clutches, you can still pick the device up in 8GB and 16GB variations for $179 and $199, respectively.

Brandon Russell

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