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Twitter Now Lets You Favorite Users On Android


Twitter has been trying out a lot of little experiments lately, tweaking its platform in different ways to see how people react. Most recently, the company rolled out a new feature for its Android app letting users favorite each other in addition to individual tweets. Favorite another account and you’ll receive Twitter notifications whenever they share a new tweet.

It’s a nice feature, similar to the ability to star your closest Facebook friends to receive a notification whenever they post anything, and we’re sure some people will make good use of it. If you’re hoping to keep tabs on a friend or stalk your favorite celebrity, Twitter just gave you an easy way to do so. It’s probably most useful for people who follow news accounts, however; any breaking news tweet and you’ll get it wherever you are.

Personally, we’re not crazy about the idea of receiving a truckload of extra notifications every day, but that’s just us.

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Jacob Kleinman

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