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Nokia Awarded Injunction Against HTC Devices In Germany

by Brandon Russell | December 30, 2013December 30, 2013 2:30 pm PST

AT&T HTC One Mini-Camera

A judge on Monday awarded Nokia an injunction against all HTC Android handsets in Germany, a ruling that could cease sales going forward. The lawsuit surrounded a patent that deals with a “method for transferring resource information” through NFC or Bluetooth; that broadly describes just about every new Android device capable of beaming content to other devices. HTC will likely appeal, but if the company is unsuccessful, the injunction could be permanent.

Nokia and HTC have been at each other’s throats for some time, with Nokia recently winning a lawsuit against HTC in the United Kingdom, blocking sales of the HTC One Mini. The judge in that case sensibly ruled that levying an injunction on the HTC One would inflict too much damage on HTC, and has since delayed an injunction on that device. The situation is much more dire in Germany, however, with a judge bringing down the gauntlet on all existing HTC devices. It’s unclear if HTC can simply retool its software to sidestep Nokia’s claims.

While the ruling likely won’t affect immediate sales of HTC’s current lineup, the future could prove to be much more bleak. The Taiwanese company has found it difficult as it is competing against other Android competitors, and a ruling like this will no doubt make it that much harder. Hopefully this won’t effect the future of any upcoming HTC handsets; if anything, it just further sours the mobile landscape, which is no stranger to dubious lawsuits.


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