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Alleged Original iPhone Prototype Bought on eBay for $1,500

by Jacob Kleinman | December 30, 2013December 30, 2013 11:00 am PST

While you were busy enjoying your weekend, one Apple fan shelled out $1,499 for an alleged copy of the original iPhone prototype on eBay. The device appears to be in good condition, and features the model number and signal measurements engraved on the back while a second photo posted by the seller shows the device running an internal diagnostics test.

According to the seller, the operating system shown is a “special test software” installed to try out the device’s features, and is apparently still “running on the device perfectly” more than six years later. There’s no explanation for how the seller acquired this device, which they claim is only one of five copies ever manufactured.

While Apple prototypes often surface on eBay, they are usually quickly pulled from the site. In this case the sale appears to have been completed after two days at auction through a “Buy It Now” purchase. The buyer shared the news on Reddit yesterday, but won’t be able to confirm anything about the device until it gets delivered.

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Jacob Kleinman

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