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Fitbit App Adds MobileTrack Feature, Turns iPhone 5s Into Activity Tracker

by Brandon Russell | December 30, 2013December 30, 2013 2:00 pm PST

Fitbit updated its app for iOS 7 on Monday with some typical features: bug fixes, enhancements and some small redesigns. But it also made its ecosystem much more open by adding a new MobileTrack feature, which offers basic activity tracking for those who own the iPhone 5s. The update is made possible thanks to the device’s M7 motion tracking co-processor, providing some neat features right in the device. If you don’t feel like splurging on an actual Fitbit bracelet, this is a little addition that could slowly introduce folks to the world of activity tracking.

Since the iPhone 5s hit, apps have slowly begun taking advantage of the device’s built-in M7 technology, including Nike and RunKeeper. Fitbit is typically known for producing its own activity tracking hardware, but this newest update opens up the company’s ecosystem to anyone with Apple’s latest flagship. MobileTrack merely offers “basic” functionality, so the experience won’t be quite as robust as using an actual Fitbit gadget, but it’s not a bad start, especially with the New Year just days away.

Other updated features included the ability to set a custom water goal, redesigned Silent Alarms settings and much more.

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