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Dozens Of Movies Will Disappear From Netflix On New Year’s Day

by Brandon Russell | December 28, 2013December 28, 2013 9:00 am PST

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Cord cutters hoping to stream Top Gun on Netflix will be sorely disappointed come New Year’s Day. Sorry, but you’ll have to get your adrenaline fix elsewhere. That, and dozens of other movies will disappear from the streaming service due to expiring movie studio deals. This, more than anything, is the biggest drawback to services like Netflix. Seriously, when you see the entire list of movies (and some TV shows), it’ll be like a punch to the gut.

Notable movies (in my opinion) expiring on Jan. 1, 2014 include: Brick, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Can’t Hardly Wait, Half Baked, Requiem For A Dream, October Sky, Top Gun, Running Scared and, of course, Troll II. The list is full of a lot of decent movies, making this latest expiration of content particularly saddening. Hopefully you didn’t have any of these in your queue, because if you did, you don’t have much time to watch them before they go bye-bye.

Just because these movies are disappearing now doesn’t mean they’ll never come back. So your trips to the Danger Zone might still continue on in 2014. But with only a week to go until these titles are no longer in Netflix’s library, you better start your movie marathon now. With dozens of movies expiring, hopefully we see some new titles fill up Netflix’s digital shelves. Even still, there’s definitely no replacing Mystery Men.

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