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Pokémon Bank Temporarily Taken Down to Aid Nintendo Shop

by Ron Duwell | December 27, 2013December 27, 2013 4:30 pm PST

Pokemon Bank

Atlus has some great sales over the holidays. Level 5 has knocked down prices on the Guild games. Indie games have also been discounted. The Nintendo eShop is a banging place to save a few dollars on your favorite games over the holidays. Just one problem, everyone thinks so and it has been effectively crashed since yesterday.

To fix this, Nintendo has taken down the new Pokémon Bank app, which had just launched in Japan and was set to be released tomorrow in North America and Europe. Traffic had flooded the servers with overeager shoppers and pokéfanatics, so this decision will help the burdened online service get back on its feet before the holidays are through. No word has been given as to when it will be made available again.

As of writing, I still can’t log into the 3DS eShop, and there are a few shiny Shin Megami Tensei games that have my name on them too. Hopefully the planned downtime later today will solve these issues.

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