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Photo-Based Mobile Check Deposits Heading to U.K.

by Todd Haselton | December 27, 2013December 27, 2013 9:00 am PST


In the United States, several banks provide mobile applications that allow you to deposit a check by simply snapping photos of both sides and uploading it. This method totally alleviates any need to go to an ATM or branch location to make a deposit, saving both the bank and the end-user tons of time. Now, that form of deposit is coming to the U.K.

According to theĀ BBC, the government recently passed a new law called Check 21 that will allow banks to convert over to electronic-based checking systems. Next, the government will begin to tweak the appropriate laws to make mobile deposits a reality. TheĀ BBC said that it should help cut down deposit times from six days to just two days. Apparently the U.K. Payments Council was fighting to get rid of checks entirely, though decided that changes to its checking system through innovation would be the better choice.

Barclays will be one of the first banks to test the photo-based mobile checking system and expects to have a small test program up and running by April.


Todd Haselton

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