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One Collector Owns 10,607 Video Games, Sets Record

Video Game Collector World Record

One gaming enthusiast has set a brand new record for the world’s largest video game collection.

The brand new record belongs to Michael Thomasson. He owns, at the time of earning the record, 10,607 video games. The previous holder, Richard Lecce, had 8,616 when he set the record in 2010.

Thomasson has sold off his collection twice, according to the AP story. He did so once for his wedding in 1998 and before that in 1989 to get some scratch in order to buy a Sega Genesis. Yep. A Genesis.

AP writes that Thomasson is now on a strict two game a day maximum with only $3,000 to spend annually. With that budget and purchases since 1998, the estimated value is somewhere between $700,000 and $800,000.

What about how much Thomasson plays? Owning all those games affords him a ton of options when it comes time to sit down and game, but exactly how much gaming goes down for the man with nearly 11,000 titles in his library? Not much. Here he is.

“I probably get three hours of playing in a week…If I’m lucky.”


Still, the collection is impressive. I’m sure a lot of us would consider ourselves exceptionally fortunate to even own a fraction of the gaming goods Thomasson does.

Now that you’ve seen the numbers, think you have a record setting collection in your future? Me? No way.


Joey Davidson

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