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Gone Home Getting Demade in RPG Maker

by Joey Davidson | December 27, 2013December 27, 2013 10:30 pm PST

Gone Home is an exceptional first person exploration game from The Fullbright Company. Players take on the role of a young girl who returns to her family’s newly purchased home for the first time. She explores the massive house during a storm and puts together pieces of her family’s narrative along the way.

It’s an exercise in patience, wonder and thinking. While some could even argue that it’s “not a game,” others point to it as one of their best gaming experiences in 2013.

Now, an amateur developer has tasked himself with “demaking” Gone Home in RPG Maker, an exceptionally cheap development tool that lets users make games simply and quickly.

The crazy bit? This demake is catching a lot of attention. Seth Macy is the man behind the project, and his little foray into development is sort of blowing up. It even got a mention from The Fullbright Company and a semi-blessing.

Macy spoke with Polygon about the project and what it means now that it has so much attention.

I thought it would be maybe more fun to try to shrink [Gone Home] down into something a little more simplistic, to see if it still could retain any of the elements that made it good — which, I think, was the unfolding of the story…We’re just going to try to see if we can recreate that feel…

…It’s something that we have to do now — just because people will enjoy it, I would hope, and are looking forward to it. And I don’t want to let anybody down…

This whole thing should be very interesting. We’ll keep you posted as the project moves along and, perhaps, gets released for public consumption.

What do you think of a Gone Home demake?


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