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Oppo Find 7 Will Feature 5.5-inch 2K Display with 538ppi

by Brandon Russell | December 26, 2013December 26, 2013 10:30 am PST

Oppo Find 5-Buttons

Oppo’s Find 7 Twitter teasers continued on Thursday, with the company revealing the resolution, screen size and ppi of the upcoming device. It sure seems like 1080p is going to be “so 2013,” as Oppo plans on introducing the world’s first 2K display in a smartphone; the resolution wasn’t much of a mystery to begin with thanks to an earlier teaser, but now we know definitively what the device’s most important spec will be. Oppo says the Find 7 will feature an eye-popping 538 ppi screen, which is absolutely insane. In comparison, the HTC One’s pixel density is 468 ppi.

Oppo says the Find 7’s display will be 5.5 inches, but will feel like 5 inches. That to us suggests the screen will be edge-to-edge with very little bezel, and in turn hopefully won’t make the device feel unwieldy due to the display’s size. It’s still unclear in what other areas the Oppo Find 7 will improve upon; a high resolution screen is nice, but it’s ultimately the experience that matters. We’ll likely find out more information over the next few weeks. CES does, after all, kick off on Jan. 6.

This is one device we’ll definitely keep our eyes on.

Oppo (Twitter)

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