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Huge Security Threat Spotted in Samsung’s KNOX Security Software

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Samsung KNOX, the company’s bid for the enterprise market with a promise of total smartphone security, may not be as safe as the South Korean tech titan claims. A team of Israeli researchers are pointing to a single hack that could compromise the softwareThe Wall Street Journal reports.

The cyber-security team, working out of a university in southern Israel, claims the hack could give someone access to emails and data communications, compromising KNOX’s promise to run certain apps inside a secure field. Samsung’s security software is pre-installed on the Galaxy Note 3 and comes with the update to Android 4.3 for other devices including the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II.

The researchers don’t reveal the hack in question, likely for safety reasons, but warn that it could also be used to install malware on a Galaxy device. In a public statement, Samsung said it wasn’t worried by the security threat, which it claims to have already identified and installed a safeguard against. For now, the threat sounds pretty serious, especially for the enterprise market where access to email could give away vital company secrets.

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