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Google Releases New HP Chromebook 11 Charger Following Recall

by Jacob Kleinman | December 24, 2013December 24, 2013 10:00 pm PST

hp chromebook 11 new charger

Last month, Google and HP pulled the new Chromebook 11 off shelves and told consumers to stop using the device’s official charger after it was found to overheat, melt, and even cause fires. This week, customers finally started receiving a replacement charger, which reportedly works even faster than the original design.

The new Chromebook charger comes in black and looks like a smaller and sleeker version of the model that ships with Google’s Chromebook Pixel, except with a micro-USB tip on one end. It’s made by Chinese manufacturer LITEON. Google’s also throwing in a $25 Google Play gift card to apologize for the inconvenience. If you still haven’t sent back your original recalled HP Chromebook 11 charger you definitely should now, even if your unit hasn’t had any overheating issues. It’s just not worth the risk of burning your house down.

If you’re hoping to pick up a new HP Chromebook 11 you may have to wait a bit longer. Best Buy, HP and the Play Store all list the device as out of stock, though Google notes it’s “coming soon.” Only Amazon is currently shipping the Chrome OS computer, and it should be a new model with the updated charger in the box.


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