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Amazon Digital Week Sale Will Let You Fill Up Your New Devices for Cheap

by Sean P. Aune | December 24, 2013December 24, 2013 7:00 am PST

Amazon Digital Week 2013

After all the unwrapping is done on Christmas morning you’re probably going to have new phones and tablets to fill up with content, not to mention lots of streaming devices to play with. Amazon is here to help you do it as cheaply as possible.

Amazon has launched a “Digital Week” sale that sees hundreds of movies marked down significantly if you want to pick them up digitally. And if you’re worried about it being some b-movie you’ve never heard of, don’t fret because there are a ton of great movies and new releases included.

Just a taste of what you’ll find:

  • Star Trek: Into Darkness (HD) – $12.99 to purchase, $4.99 to rent
  • World War Z (HD) – $12.99 to purchase, $4.99 to rent
  • Man of Steel (HD) – $12.99 to purchase
  • Argo (HD) – $9.99 to purchase
  • Pacific Rim (HD) – $9.99 to purchase
  • Kill Bill, Volume 1 (HD) – $4.99 to purchase, $3.99 to rent

There are also numerous television seasons that have been discounted, some to as little as $4.99 for a complete seasons.

If you’ve received a Kindle Fire HDX this Christmas, or maybe a Roku streaming device, this is definitely a sale you’re going to want to hit up.

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