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New Samsung Galaxy Gear Ad Will Make You Cringe

by Brandon Russell | December 22, 2013December 22, 2013 10:00 am PST

We’ve seen a lot of terrible tech ads this year—Microsoft’s attack on Apple comes to mind—but Samsung’s latest Galaxy Gear commercial might just be the worst of the worst. Not only is it painfully awkward, but it makes a mockery of the very thing it’s trying to sell. You’d think the whole thing was making fun of our smart watch future—it makes the wearable tech market seem even less appealing. I almost feel embarrassed for Samsung.

In the two-and-a-half minute lifestyle ad, titled “Are You Geared Up,” two men compete for the attention of a girl on a skiing trip. First off, I doubt anyone would wear their Galaxy Gear while skiing, and if they did, they wouldn’t wear it over their snow gear. But the fellow in the yellow vest does, and boy is he one smug individual. Of course, the gal in the commercial is mysteriously charmed by the Gear’s functionality, and so it goes throughout the ad. I really hope you don’t buy a Gear and think it’ll get you the girl.

“Want to see something cool?” the Geared up guy asks the girl. “Yeah, sure,” she says. “Here, give me your number. Just say it,” the guy implores as he holds his wrist up toward the girl’s face. What a neat trick! Meanwhile, the other guy is fumbling his phone (maybe a Samsung phablet?) and dropping his skis. Classic non-Gear-owning move. If only.

The Gear owner, known as Jack, continues to show of his super human Gear powers, discretely snapping photos of the girl while she snowboards down the mountain. Because why enjoy a beautiful mountain retreat when you can snowboard down the mountain and secretly take pictures of complete strangers? Only Gear owners, like Jack, would understand that logic.

Later on in the ad, Jack is so engaged in the Gear’s tiny screen at a local bar that he accidentally bumps into, who else, but the girl from earlier. Samsung tries to show off a few more of the Gear’s tricks, suggesting that the difficulties of everyday life can be made so much easier if you had a smartwatch on your wrist. That Jack is one smooth operator thanks to his Gear, and you can be too, the ad suggests.

As if smartphones weren’t making us social awkward as it is.

Brandon Russell

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