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LG Unveils Insane Curved 105-inch 4K UltraHD TV

by Brandon Russell | December 22, 2013December 22, 2013 5:00 pm PST

LG 105-inch curved UltraHD

At this year’s CES, companies paraded lineups of enormous TVs that were more expensive than luxury vehicles. It doesn’t appear next year’s show will be any different, as LG has pre-empted the TV war by introducing an insane 105-inch curved 4K UltraHD behemoth. Forget that you won’t be able to afford this monstrosity, it probably won’t even fit in your house unless you live in a castle. At least you can gaze upon a digital picture of this CinemaScope beauty. Maybe you can just skip college and get a TV instead?

The price hasn’t even been announced, but what difference does it make? Once this does come out, you’ll be staring directly at 11-million pixels in a screen that’s bigger than my bed. Here you were, pleased with the 55-inch TV you bought over Black Friday, when really you should have saved five years’ worth of income to purchase this. Once CES kicks off next month, I’m sure we’ll be hearing (and seeing) more about this LCD Godzilla. Hopefully it doesn’t melt our eyes.


Brandon Russell

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