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Watch How Much Faster the iPhone 5s Is Than the iPhone 4

A new speed test from our friends over the The Unlockr sets out to figure out once and for all which iPhone runs fastest using iOS 7. While it doesn’t come as much of a shock that the iPhone 5s is speedier than any other Apple smartphone, the full results do include a few surprises.

The first test involves booting up the five different iPhones. In first was the iPhone 5s, which took just 24 seconds to turn on. Three seconds later the iPhone 5c followed suit, then the iPhone 5 in another three seconds and the iPhone 4s just one second after that. The iPhone 4 showed some real lag, however, finally booting up a full 13 seconds after the 4s was finished.

A second test focused on launching Temple Run 2 revealed similar results. The iPhone 5s was ready to go in just 5 seconds, with both the iPhone 5c and 5 fully loaded 3 seconds later. The iPhone 4s took an additional six seconds followed by the iPhone 4, which once again lagged far behind for an additional 14 seconds.

Finally, a browser test showed similar results once again, with the iPhone 5s and 5c both taking five seconds to load the same site, followed by the iPhone 5 one second later. The iPhone 4s was done loading in another three seconds followed by the iPhone 4 after 12 more seconds.

So clearly the iPhone 4 is starting to show its age, while the iPhone 4s is still hanging in there. If you’re looking for a cheap iPhone we recommend buying the 4s even if you can find a second-hand iPhone 4 for less. Meanwhile on the high-end, the iPhone 5s is obviously the way to go, proving that Apple’s new A7 chip really does make a difference.


Jacob Kleinman

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