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RIP Winamp, Hello Spotify Spotiamp

by Todd Haselton | December 20, 2013December 20, 2013 8:00 pm PST

Spotify Video on Samsung TV

AOL is officially shutting down Winamp today, despite rumors that Microsoft may be in some form of talks to acquire Winamp and Shoutcast. Thankfully, you can still enjoy the old-school look of Winamp with a new product from Spotify.


The new software, called Spotiamp, is available for Spotify Premium members and provides access to Spotify playlists, a search function and a radio. It’s super simple, just like Winamp was, and has the same interface.

Once loaded, simply click the “Eject” button and you’ll see all of your playlists. Spotify said you can also click “O” or right click on Spotiamp to access settings, and that the app has Shoutcast built-in for streaming media from any Shoutcast server to any device, such as a Sonos. The best feature? Plugins. Yep, Spotiamp supports all of the old Winamp plugins, provided you’ve dumped them into the right folder.

Hit the source to download Spotiamp now, unfortunately it’s only available for Windows users.

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