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Replace your Lame Christmas Present with an HTC One

by Ron Duwell | December 20, 2013December 20, 2013 11:30 am PST


Got one of “those” presents for Christmas that you just don’t like, want or need? Well, you can always re-gift it and feel guilty passing it on to another unfortunate loved one, or you can take a picture and send it to HTC for a chance at winning a new phone.

The new holiday contest from HTC is pretty straight forward. First, you must be following HTC on Instagram. If you already have that step complete, take a picture of your lame gift and give a quick explanation as to why it’s so terrible. Hashtag the caption with #ReplaceMyGift and tag @HTC in the photo, and if you are lucky, HTC might pity your poor holiday fortune and send you a free HTC One to brighten your day.

HTC would like you to refrain from showing brands of any kind, especially those of rival phone companies who might not enjoy the joke too much.

Entries are open until Jan. 5. If you once again get that same tacky reindeer sweater for Christmas you’ve been getting for the last thirty years, then you might just end up finally being thankful for once.

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