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Monaco Gets Free Content Update, Made Shorter

by Joey Davidson | December 20, 2013December 20, 2013 9:30 pm PST

Monaco Enhanced Campaign

A brand new content update just dropped for Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine on the PC platform. The update brought with it an enhanced campaign that’s more streamlined and shorter.

Why shorter? The game’s developers took to their blog to explain their decision. The post details all sorts of interesting stats. The one that I personally found the most compelling? It comes two fold, and it involves completion.

About 9.4% of people that finished the first level also finished the last level of the first campaign.

About 1.7% finished the last level of the second campaign.

More than 90 percent of people that started Monaco never finished it. Guess what… I’m in that incomplete bracket, too. The game was quite long. Seeing as how I didn’t have to review it, I sort of picked it up as something to play in between major releases. I simply never finished.

With a shorter campaign that’s a little more direct, I’ll be firing this one up very soon.

Do you think this decision was a good one by the developers?

Joey Davidson

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