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Motorola Patent Details Smartwatch-like Gadget with Flexible Display


Motorola basically hit it out of the park with the Moto G and Moto X, so we’re super excited that the company is also interested in creating wearable technology. A patent application that was recently published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office gives us some insight into what Motorola might have in store.

The patent is called “Electronic Device and Method with Flexible Display,” and was published today, though originally filed on June 19, 2012, which shows that Motorola has been thinking about wearables for quite a while now. The device in question imagines a device with a flexible display, chassis and circuit board that’s capable of connecting to, or serving as, a communication device. Presumably, it would allow you to view notifications and interact with your smartphone in some fashion, though Motorola doesn’t ever specifically call it a smartwatch and we’re making these assumptions based on the image above.

Motorola isn’t the only company considering flexible screens for wearables. Apple is also reportedly considering implementing one into its highly rumored iWatch, which could finally see the light of day this year if it is indeed legitimate. As with all patents, this doesn’t necessarily mean Motorola has any real plans to deliver such a product to market, but we know it’s at least toying with the idea.

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