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Nokia’s Newest Lumia 2520 Commercial is Just Plain Weird

by Jacob Kleinman | December 18, 2013December 18, 2013 11:30 am PST

Nokia hasn’t had the best luck trying to market the Lumia 2520. First, the company tried to push its Windows RT tab by mocking Apple’s iPad in an ad that ultimately fell flat, and now a new commercial comparing the device to the mullet hairstyle (“business in the front and party in the back”) tries for quirky but comes off as creepy instead.

The ad, which showed up on YouTube yesterday and hopefully won’t make the jump to TV screens, features a young man in search of a haircut and a nightmare-inducing barber who convinces him to grow out a mullet instead. Somehow, this is accomplished by using the Lumia 2520, which causes the mullet to grow with every tap and swipe. There’s also a blonde assistant, though we can’t tell if she’s really there or just a metaphor for the tablet.

The sad thing is that we actually loved the Lumia 2520. Nokia has a real knack for design and the company nailed its first Windows RT tablet. It has an incredible display, battery and camera—possibly the best we’ve ever seen on a tablet—and if you’re not married to Android or iOS it’s definitely worth a good look. Hopefully, Nokia can figure out how to market this device in the near future, maybe by appealing to our emotions instead of just trying to freak us out.

Nokia (youtube)

Jacob Kleinman

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