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DayZ Standalone Game Now in Early Access on Steam

by Joey Davidson | December 17, 2013December 17, 2013 9:30 pm PST

If you’ve been looking to play DayZ without the process of modding Arma II, now’s your chance. The standalone game has officially hit steam.

Originally just a mod, DayZ is now a full-fledged game developed by Bohemia Interactive alongside the original designer, Dean “Rocket” Hall.

The only potential snag with this release is that it’s an alpha one. $29.99 at this stage in the game will get you into DayZ‘s early access alpha mode. Expect all the hang-ups and bugs that come along with an alpha status.

Of course, you’ll also be in on the game as it’s polished up to a full title and solid release. That means you’ll witness each update and be able to talk to the developers about the game as it stands in forums.

DayZ is a really interesting mod. Personally, I’ll be holding out for a full release before I jump into the standalone. What about you folks? Anyone adventuress to brave the zombies and the wilderness in early access form?

Joey Davidson

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