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Batman: Arkham Origins Gets Free Multiplayer Mode as DLC

by Joey Davidson | December 17, 2013December 17, 2013 3:30 pm PST

Batman Arkham Origins Hunter Hunted Mode

A brand new multiplayer mode is now available for Batman: Arkham Origins on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It’s called “Hunter, Hunted,” and it’s completely free.

The mode puts three Joker Thugs against three Bane Thugs with one Batman lurking in the shadows. There are no respawns, so expect tensions to run high.

I really enjoyed Batman: Arkham Origins this year. A lot more, in fact, than I thought I would.

I missed out on two big things when I decided to pick up on the Wii U version. Unfortunately for the bulk of Arkham Origins owners, the Wii U version packed the least amount of bugs. Everyone else reported game breaking glitches and annoying hang-ups, while I played smoothly from start to finish. I also, and here’s the downside, missed out on the multiplayer portion of the game. That simply wasn’t made for the Wii U iteration.

Just as well, it seems, since not many people are playing the multiplayer element of Arkham Origins right now. Seeing as that’s the case, it’s probably best that this mode is free. If everyone downloads it, it would break up the already limited player base on the multiplayer side.

What do you think of the “Hunter, Hunted” mode? Is it one you’ll fire up Batman: Arkham Origins to experience.

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