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Bamboo Moto X Now Available Through Moto Maker for $100 Extra

by Jacob Kleinman | December 17, 2013December 17, 2013 1:45 pm PST

After teasing the wooden Moto X yesterday, Motorola finally updated the Moto Maker site today to include a new category of “Natural” back panels, though for now bamboo is the only option available. The new option will cost an extra $100, and comes with delayed shipping, meaning you won’t get your device for 14 days instead of the usual seven.

The wooden Moto X has been a long time coming, and it’s nice to see a bamboo option finally available, even if we also expected to see Teak, Rosewood and Ebony options. After choosing the bamboo back, the Moto Maker appears to automatically suggest a white front to match the ring of white which surrounds the wooden panel, but it looks like you’ll still be able to select a black front if you prefer.

At the moment, the Moto Maker site appears to be facing some technical difficulties either as a direct result of the update or due to a sudden crush of bamboo-loving customers. Either way we’ve had mixed results trying to access the page, though it seems to work the majority of the time. Any bamboo fans out there?

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