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Unknown Worlds Unveils Subnautica – An Undersea Role-playing Sandbox Exploration Game

by Joey Davidson | December 16, 2013December 16, 2013 9:30 pm PST

Unknown Worlds is the developer behind Natural Selection 2, a fan-favorite shooter with RTS elements for the PC platform. This past weekend, they unveiled their next big project, Subnautica.

As you’ll hear in the video at the head of this post, the team isn’t quite ready to announce the title. Instead, they’ve unveiled it in order to invite their community to take part in what they’re calling an open development phase. They plan, it seems, to constantly show the game’s progress through art, music, trailers and, eventually, playable builds.

Subnautica looks exactly like the kind of mysterious adventure I’d personally love to explore. Set beneath the ocean, this title tasks players with exploring the unknown depths by building special craft, slipping past creatures and going further and further.

So far, things looks great. As you’ll see in the video up top and in the gallery directly above this paragraph, the concept art for Subnautica paints a wild and varied world. If the game’s actual release build looks anything like this, color me excited.

What do you think of the concept so far? Is Subnautica something you’d like to learn more about in the coming months?

Unknown Worlds

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