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Netflix Grabs Exclusive Rights to Better Call Saul in Europe and Latin America

by Brandon Russell | December 16, 2013December 16, 2013 11:00 pm EST

Better Call Saul

The Breaking Bad spinoff scheduled to air next year, Better Call Saul, will enjoy an exclusive run on Netflix in Europe and Latin America. According to NetflixUK on Twitter, the show will hit the streaming service shortly after airing in the U.S.; Breaking Bad actually had a hard time finding a broadcaster overseas, and only actually took off once it started hitting Netflix. All the minor details haven’t yet been worked out, though it’s a terrific bit of news for those across the pond who were concerned about finding a place to watch the show.

Better Call Saul is rumored to be a prequel to the main show that will feature Saul before he met Walter and Jesse, but some sources have also said it may have aspects of a sequel. Here in the U.S., the show will be aired on AMC in a familiar hour-long format, and is expected to begin airing between August and October of next year; the show itself was only just green-lit after negotiations between the creator and AMC. It was only later that Netflix stepped in to provide Web syndication.

This isn’t a one-lump scenario where the show’s entire first season will hit Netflix at once, but it’s still a great way to access what will surely be a great show. After showing up in season 2 of Breaking Bad, Saul quickly became a fan favorite, eventually resulting in the spin-off.

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