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Guess the Tablet: This Fiery First Effort Sparked An All Out Price War

by Brandon Russell | December 14, 2013December 14, 2013 12:00 pm PST

Having seen this device after not seeing it for many long months, it’s incredible just how far the company’s design team has come. If ever there was a more uninspiring black slab, I haven’t seen it. When it first came to market, the approach was to get people to consume—today things aren’t much different. But in the early stages, you can see how it was ecosystem first, hardware second.

Today, there’s equal focus on both, and in fact you can argue this company has one of the strongest all-around experiences on the market. Not only has its ecosystem grown even larger, but it possesses a terrific design, and probably the best display in a tablet. Not an easy thing to do when basically every tablet today has full HD resolution. Maybe it was the fact that the company’s very first tablet referenced what was already an average design.

From where it was before to where it is now, this company arguably has one of the brighter tablet futures, though it’s not always associated with products, which is a shame. Not only is its latest tablet line smartly designed with improved software, but it offers a truly revolutionary feature that no other company can match. Still, it has a palpable creep factor that could hold the feature from becoming a staple for the future.

At least we know this early design is over and done with.

Last week’s Guess the Phone was Sony’s unique Tablet S.

Brandon Russell

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