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Google Acquires Robotics Maker Boston Dynamics

by Brandon Russell | December 14, 2013December 14, 2013 1:00 pm PST

Android Figure -Andrew Bell, Huck Gee, Scott Tolleson, Google

Google is building robots, and the search giant this week made a huge acquisition of engineering company Boston Dynamics, which has previously worked closely with the Pentagon. The New York Times reports Google doesn’t itself plan to become a military contractor, though existing Boston Dynamics contracts will be honored. Earlier this month, Google revealed that former Android head, Andy Rubin, would be taking charge of the search giant’s robot future.

Boston Dynamics has created some truly impressive technology before being sucked into the Google machine. With such incredible resources now at Google’s disposal, the future of robots is even more unsettling. Boston Dynamics, incidentally, is the eight robotics company Google has acquired in the past six months alone. Google hasn’t yet gone into deep detail about what its plans are—hopefully not Terminators—but the company sure is putting a lot of effort into the project.

Google is unsurprisingly tight-lipped about just what the heck it’s doing, though reports have suggested the company wants to use the technology for manufacturing. Curious as to what Boston Dynamics does? This video is of its WildCat robot, which is capable of running 16 mph on flat terrain—that’s much faster than most humans. The video is both terrifying and amazing. Is this the kind of future we can expect from Google?


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