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Rumor Says Fallout 4 is Real, Leaked Documents Show Boston Setting

by Ron Duwell | December 12, 2013December 12, 2013 1:30 pm PST

Fallout 3

I can’t deal with these Fallout 4 rumors anymore. Bethesda could very well be sitting on the next major gaming chapter of my life, and I am just dying to know. The last rumor proved to be a hoax, but the latest rumor from Kotaku has leaked documents to back it up.

Character descriptions, locations, dialogue. Kotaku stands by the leaks as real, claiming to have confirmed them with sources. The papers refer to areas surrounding the city of Boston as well as other previous locations to explore in other Fallout games.

Rumors of MIT getting involved with the development project sprung up in 2012, around the time development on Skyrim wrapped up, and ever since, it’s been pretty much assumed that the RPG giant had been working on a follow-up to its ground shattering hit Fallout 3. Of course, it’s been developing The Elder Scrolls Online alongside it, explaining why so much time has passed.

“War. War never changes,” the dialogue opens, in tradition with the series. Other mentions of “The Commonwealth” and “The Institute” ring true to Massachusetts as well. Of course, I won’t be satisfied unless I can bump into the mad scientist Bill Belichick still chasing another Super Bowl trophy in the post-apocalyptic world. Go Pats!

It’s okay to be skeptical like I am, especially after what Fallout fans just went through. Kotaku sounds firm enough in its belief that this is real, and something is ringing about this situation which makes me believe it is not accidental. Bethesda could be perhaps trying to ease the tension through back channels.

Expect more official news on Fallout 4 closer to the release of The Elder Scrolls Online or afterwards. That’s my guess. Just make it snappy, Bethesda, I don’t think my heart can hold out much longer.


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