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Alleged Xiaomi 7-Inch “MiPad” Tablet Leaked on Sina Weibo

by Jacob Kleinman | December 11, 2013December 11, 2013 8:00 pm PDT

xiaomi tablet mipad

Xiaomi has taken the Chinese smartphone market by storm, and now the company may be making a push into tablets as well. What appears to be a photo of a Xiaomi branded tablet was spotted by French site NoWhereElse today after being published on social media site Sina Weibo, suggesting the device may soon pose a serious threat to Apple, Samsung, and any other company trying to sell tablets in China.

This single blurry photo doesn’t reveal much, showing the back of the device with Xiaomi’s branding near the bottom and a few lines of inscrutable smaller text underneath. Based on the hand shown holding it though, we’re guessing we’re looking at a smaller Android slate around the size of Google’s Nexus 7. Knowing Xiaomi’s track record, we expect the company to pack the alleged “MiPad” with top notch specs and slap an entry-level price tag on it.

If Xiaomi does release a flagship tablet in China we expect it to quickly grab up a good chunk of local market share. For now the company hasn’t expanded internationally, but with ex-Google exec Hugo Barra onboard Xiaomi is expected to make a push into new markets. A new tablet launch could be the perfect opportunity for the quickly growing company to flex its muscles on the global stage.


Jacob Kleinman

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